How To Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

Published: 04th August 2009
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Ways To watch BBC iPlayer abroad?

It's maybe the most commonly asked question of expats, but the answer is a simple YES.
For those that live outside the UK, like me, there comes a time when you miss some good old UK TV. Ever since the BBC launched iPlayer there has been a little hope out there for watching BBC iplayer abroad. However if you have attempted to connect while outside the UK all you get is 'Currently BBC iPlayer television programs are available to play in the United Kingdom only...' How annoying!

So its now possible Watch BBC iPlayer abroad?
Of course it is possible, if you look on Google you may find heaps of options. Many of them are either costly or simply don't work. I will list them all, so you can decide for on your own, but in the final analysis there are only a few true options to watch BBC iPlayer abroad. That is methods which will always work.

What you need to Do
The BBC restricts access to its iPlayer service by checking the geographic location of the ISP you are using to connect to the Net. If it's situated in the UK you will be able to view, if it isn't then they stop you watching. It is as plane as that!

All you require to watch BBC iPlayer abroad is make it look as if you are based in the UK.

Free methods to watch BBC iPlayer Abroad
If you have access to a computer back in the UK you can make a virtual private network tunnel back to that computer and connect to the iPlayer website via that computer, this will make it seem like you are in the UK.

Does It Work?
Not well to be honest, there are a several issues. Firstly you want to have a computer on in the United Kingdom all the time, and if there is any technical issues with that computer you are going to be stuck until you get back to repair it. Secondly, and more importantly, while your download speed in the United Kingdom may be good you may find the upload speed much to slow to permit quality TV viewing.

Are There Any Other free methods to watch BBC iPlayer abroad?
Well you can look at TOR or Foxyproxy which both give a free proxy service, which like a Virtual Private Network makes it seem like your personal computer is in the United Kingdom. Please note virtually all free proxies are too slow to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, they just don't have enough bandwidth for all the free users.

The Best Option to watch BBC iPlayer Abroad
Firstly should you pick substitute or Virtual Private Network options, well the neatest thing is to have them BOTH! The program I use is Identity Cloaker which gives a premium high speed UK proxy as well as UK Virtual Private Network option. This will permit you to both view iPlayer live as well as download shows to view later.
The program wasn't initially made for television watching, it is just a byproduct of what the software does. As such they don't even state this use on their site!

There is a ten day trial available for a few euros (the free version is of no use if you would like to watch iplayer abroad {as it is too restrictive|ass it only works for certain sites, as it does not work for TV sites). After the program costs less than 7 euros a month, so it's a bargain for those of us who need to watch iPlayer abroad!

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